West Dunn’s Lake Project

The Fox Waterway Agency (FWA) will be conducting a dredging project at the West Dunn’s Lake Channel entrance the summer of 2018. This project will be done using a Hydraulic dredge pumping a slurry of sediment through nearly 2 miles of 10” pipeline into the Ackerman Island dewatering facility.

All other areas for access will be blocked by pipeline and will be designated by NO BOAT restricted area buoys. If you cross the pipeline in undesignated areas your vessel may be damaged, the pipeline may be damaged, you will be subject to a fine for crossing a restricted area, and have to pay for any damages caused to your vessel and/or the pipeline.  It is highly recommended you use the designated access points.

Three points of entry:

  1. West Dunn’s entrance. You can pass the dredge along the south side
  2. Cross over the submerged pipe at the designated spot near 4th avenue, on Lotus channel between the red and green buoys ONLY
  3. Lotus woods channel near Grass Lake Bridge