Watershed Plan Overview…

The Fox River and Chain O’ Lakes is vital to our community, whether one enjoys being on the water or benefits from the economic impact it has on the area.   But some days, the lakes are not so nice.  Algae, weeds and sediments fills up and plugs our shorelines and channels.  Harmful bacteria and the presence of algae blooms can also restrict certain water activities and can be deadly to our pets as well as wildlife.


These are reminders that we need to be taking care of our lakes.  After years of effort, the Fox Waterway Agency has obtained a 319 Grant from the Illinois EPA to develop a watershed plan.  Developing a watershed plan is an important first step to bringing more grant funds into our community and eventually creating jobs while improving the quality of the water.

How can you get involved?

Technical experts will identify projects and organizations that can be partners in the implementation of Watershed Projects.

Everyone can get involved by volunteering your time, or by establishing simple habits such as clearing small debris from the water, bagging grass clippings and leaves and not spraying harmful pesticides close to the water.


Educational Programs on various watershed topics will start in Fall of 2022 and will continue into 2023.  Please get involved so you can help make the Waterway a little better everyday.



By everyone getting involved… the Waterway will remain a vital community resource and a place that we are proud to say is ours!