Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Dear all-


Per Chapter 5 of the FWA Ordinances, in the event of flood and overflow conditions on the Waterway, our Agency has exercised our legal authority to make the entire system a NO WAKE BOATING AREA.  The IDNR has the sole authority to close the system.  We base the NO WAKE status on water levels, and due to high water levels at this time in Zones A, B and C the entire system still remains a NO WAKE BOATING AREA.  This helps to minimize flooding and damage to residents and businesses on and around our waterway.


With this being said, the FWA works closely with the IDNR, who is responsible for maintaining the Stratton Lock and Dam and we are working together to get the system open for full and safe boating ASAP.  We are hopeful that with cooperative weather, continued decreased inflows into the system and the IDNR’s efforts that the entire system will be open for full boating by Sunday.  Many factors can affect this, however, at this time in flows into the system have dropped rapidly and the forecast is cooperating. With continued favor ability we intend to get your waterway fully open, Zones A, B, and C, to full boating by Sunday, if earlier we’ll let you know!  Please stay tuned to our website and download our APP for the most up to date information regarding waterway status on the waterway.  https://foxwaterway.com/index.php/fox-waterway-agency-app/

Thank you very much and we wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  We do this with a humble spirit of giving thanks as we honor and celebrate those who have and continue to sacrifice for us, our families and our Blessed USA!


Sincerely and thank you for your support,

Joseph S. Keller

Executive Director