Request for Proposal
RE: Project Manager
Project Specifications: The Fox Waterway Agency (FWA) is seeking proposals from qualified
candidates for a contracted Project Manager to oversee the development of a Watershed Plan.
This position will work in close contact with FWA personnel, technical consulting company and
volunteers. This person’s role will be responsible for project tasks that are assigned, completed,
tracked, and reported. These tasks are to be on time and done in accordance to standard
practices of developing a watershed plan. Some of the oversight tasks that are required will be
but not limited to: coordination with technical consultant that will be responsible for writing the
watershed plan, financial accounting, monthly progress reporting to the IEPA, website
coordination/management, social media, general meeting tasks, video/videographer/media,
general coordination, education outreach, data entry, project support/field assessments, and
establishment of a steering committee. Some of these tasks will be assigned to FWA personnel,
some may be assigned to hired personnel, volunteers, or the technical consultant. Some tasks
could also be taken on by the project manager. The project manager will provide input and
direction to all person’s participating in this project. This position will be a semi-remote position.
There will be meetings and conferences to attend to that will require in-person time. General
meeting tasks include but not limited to: Meeting announcements, preparation, kickoff meetings,
government agencies, speaker series meetings, planning meetings and presentation meetings.
Details on the meetings can be provided as a supplement.