Many folks have recently inquired about the current NO WAKE on the river, please see the notice posted a week ago:…/…/NO-WAKE-letter-Joe-Keller.pdf

Also, as a reminder, the new dam project at the Stratton Lock and Dam is currently underway which has required the opening and shutting of the gates at various times and today, July 9th, is one of them. This multi-million dollar project improving your waterway and it’s functions paid for by your tax dollars will be a benefit to all of our waterways users when completed. In the meantime, your patience and understanding is much appreciated. Below is a couple of photos taken yesterday highlighting this work and its progress.

The FWA works closely with the IDNR and we remain hopeful that on Thursday morning the IDNR Stratton Lock and Dam operations team will be able to make adjustments at the dam to enable the whole system to be fully opened by Thursday afternoon.Let’s hope the best with the weather and any other contributing factors! Any questions regarding this construction, please contact the IDNR Stratton Lock and Dam at 815-385-2848