Request for Proposal

Will the RFP be sent to other consultants?

Yes. The RFP will be sent directly to some consultants the FWA has previously worked with, posted in the newspaper,
posted in the FWA public area, and posted on the Fox Waterway Agency’s website.

Who do I contact with questions?

Rob Bowman. 847-587-8540 ext 110 or

Can you clarify if the RFP is requesting a cost and timeline for both the request to the IEPA for the grant to prepare the watershed plan, as well as the cost and timeline to prepare the watershed plan? Or is it focusing on just the application for the grant and not preparing the watershed plan?

Yes, we want both factored into the proposal.

Does the FWA intend to sign a contract with the consultant prior to winning the IEPA grant award?


Should the consultant include costs for grant development in their cost outlines?


Will the FWA continue with watershed plan development if they are NOT awarded IEPA funding?

Unclear at this time.

Will the FWA expect any work to be completed on the watershed plan development prior to signing a contract with EPA?


Does the FWA intend to have the consultant develop and manage the stakeholder group?


Point 11 of the RFP states “Creation and submission of the August 2019 EPA Planning Grant” – can you please clarify what you are looking for here? Are you just looking for our plan to meet the August 1 deadline for submission and our qualifications on winning grants?

Yes, your plan to meet the deadline for submission.

Does FWA intend to administer the grant or do they want costs from the consultant to do so?

Provide separate cost.

What prompted this effort to secure planning funds and why have you selected these 4 subwatersheds?

These watershed areas are the primary focus of the FWA and are 4 of the main areas that do not have a watershed plan in place. Planning funds are needed to help fund the plan. 

Is there a specific water quality issue you would like to resolve?

We would like to address the WQ issues as a whole and allow the stakeholder groups to dictate direction for projects.

Have you had a discussion with IEPA staff about this to give them a heads up you will be submitting?   If so have they indicated that they are supportive of the application and would look favorably on it?

We have not talked specifically with Chris Davis. It was not discussed. 

Did the IEPA specify that planning funds could not be used for the Wisconsin portions of the watersheds? If so, is there interest or local financial capability to cover those remaining areas? 

No they did not specify. Possibly from SEWFRC; that would need to be explored 

Has the FWA recently received Section 319 funding?

Not recently but in the past yes. 

Is the agency all set up in the State GATA system?

Would need to verify that it is current.

Do you have an anticipated budget maximum for plan development or have you already earmarked a specific amount of matching funds for the grant?

Please incorporate a proposed budget in the proposal. The 2020 FWA budget has not been developed yet.

Do you have a budget to develop and submit the 2019 grant application and staff resources to cover a portion of the application?

Yes, please elaborate on staff needs in your proposal for 2019. 

There will be several aspects of the grant application that the consultant will be unable to complete on behalf of the FWA.

Please elaborate that in your proposal and explain the reasoning why, and describe in detail what those items will be.

Are you requiring a hard copy submittal of the proposal or will an electronic version be acceptable?

Electronic or hard copy is acceptable.

Do you want to see consultant staff resumes in the proposal?

Not required.