CLASS F – Temporary Ten Day Permit


  • Only Valid for 10 Consecutive Days From Date of Purchase.
  • Please be prepared to have your purchase receipt email ready to show authorities.

Boat Information

  • Owner's First Name (Or firm if so owned) *

  • Owner's Last Name *

  • Is There A 2nd Owner? *

  • 2nd Owner's First Name *

  • 2nd Owner's Last Name *

  • State Registration Number for the boat *

  • Hull Identification *

  • Manufacturer *

  • Model *

  • Vessel Type *

  • Boat Type *

  • Primary Boat Color *

  • Secondary Hull Color *

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All boats on the Chain O’ Lakes must display a Fox Waterway Agency sticker. Its use is required by law and with your purchase you contribute to maintaining the lakes and rivers of the Fox Waterway for your enjoyment and our waterways conservation and sustainability for years to come.

The Fox Waterway Agency sticker color changes each year. It is valid from January 1st – December 31st of each year. Included on the sticker is a bar-coded number, expiration date and letter in the middle indicating which type of sticker it is.

Besides the Fox Waterway Agency sticker, all boats must display a current state registration sticker (EX: Illinois Department of Natural Resources sticker). It can be purchased or renewed through their website or by calling 1-866-867-3542.