IDNR’s official response to Fox Waterway Agency inquiry regarding Lock and Dam hours:


“The minimum staff required to maintain the traditional seven-days-a-week schedule of operations at Stratton Lock and Dam is a lockmaster, an assistant lockmaster, four full time lock and dam tenders and four seasonal/summer employees.   At this time, staff is a lockmaster, three full time lock and dam tenders and no summer employees.  In addition to operating the lock, this staff is responsible for operation of the sluice gates and hinged crest gate at Stratton Dam, the hinged crest gate at Algonquin Dam, installation and maintenance of buoys on 16 miles of the Fox River, and general maintenance to 8 acres of property that include three buildings and 5,000 feet of riprap shoreline.  The five-day schedule will allow us to perform these services while IDNR is working to fill the vacancies outlined above.”


If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.



Daniel Injerd, Director

Office of Water Resources

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

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