Underwater Hazards and Obstructions

Underwater hazards and obstructions can pose a risk to property and people. It is important as a boater, swimmer, or user of the waterway that one is aware of the possibilities of underwater hazards. The Fox Waterway Agency takes these hazards very seriously and will remove them if accurately reported and found.

To report these hazards, please fill out our customer concern form by visiting our website @ www.Foxwaterway.com  It is very important that an accurate location of the hazard is provided.

 The following location information is acceptable:

  • GPS Coordinates, a basic function of Smart Phone Mapping APPs.
  • Property address with description, FWA customer concern form above
  • Mark the hazard, use an empty milk container or an extra life vest with anchor and communicate to the FWA where this occurred.
  • Detailed map with description, FWA APP or Smart phone APP.
  • Contact information of person making the report, FWA customer concern form above

If you hit an underwater obstruction/hazard with your boat you must also report the incident as a boating accident:

  1. If the accident results in the loss of life.
  2. Injuries to a person greater than first aid.
  3. Total property damage (vessel, contents, and other property) is $2,000.00 or greater.

This can be done by calling 911 if deemed an emergency and/or by filing a report with law enforcement.

IDNR accident reporting page

See the attached Official Public Notice