Chairman Wayne Blake of the Fox Waterway Agency Board of Directors announced today, that the Board has unanimously voted to select Joe Keller as the Agency’s next Executive Director.

Joe, along with his wife Maria and five kids have been home owners on the Chain O’ Lakes for the last 10 years and Joe has excelled in the private sector over the past twenty years as a consultant, land developer and property manager. Along with competence and strong character, Joe brings a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the Fox River and Chain O’ Lakes waterway system into this role and he appreciates this honor to care for, enhance and help restore our great waterway.

Joe has stated, “I am here because I strongly believe in the Fox Waterway’s mission to improve and maintain the Fox River and Chain O’Lakes public waterway for recreational uses, to restore environmental quality, control flooding, promote tourism, and to preserve and enhance the quality of life along the waterway for residents and users alike.” For the benefit of all of our community in Lake and McHenry counties and our Fox Waterways many users Joe believes that the Fox Waterway Agency’s Board along with his team are on their way to making this Fox Waterway the best and most well respected waterway in the United States of America for many years to come.

Area State Representative, Barbara Wheeler, of the 64th District has emphasized, “the Fox Waterways need to have someone at the lead who can get the job done and ensure funding will come our way. We are dedicated to having the best waterway system not only in the state, but the country, by bringing enthusiasm and passion to the Agency to fulfill its mission! And that is something that I am very confident Joe can provide!”

Joe stated that “He is honored and happily accepts the role as Executive Director for the Fox Waterway Agency. It is a pleasure to have the support of so many fine people and elected officials in our area, statewide and nationally. It is a true honor to have the opportunity to work with such a fine Board and lead a great team consisting of the Fox Waterway Agency. We have a crucial obligation to protect this great natural resource and I am committed to strive for excellence while serving others and our users to ensure our goal of becoming the most respected and best waterway in the United States of America.”

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