Fox River Greater Pistakee Lake

Watershed Partnership


 On behalf of the Fox Waterway Agency I’d like to extend a thank you to our partners at Lake County SWMC for making the Fox River Greater Pistakee Lake Watershed Partnership possible and also successful.  It was an outreach described below that was able to generate much needed attention on the great need of caring for our precious waterways and natural resources.  Efforts like these that bring greater focus to the many challenges of our lands and waterway are crucial for preserving, enhancing and restoring our most essential and valued resources.


  Lake County Stormwater Management Commission

Watershed Management Assistance Grant

Final Report

Project Lead Agency/Group:  Fox Waterway Agency

Name of Project:  Greater Pistakee Lake Watershed Partnership

Address of Project: Fox Waterway, 45 South Pistakee Lake Road

Tot. Cost of Project: $18515.00, “Funding for this project was provided in part by the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission through a Watershed Management Board Grant”.

Grant award: $9270, FWA match: $9245

Sources of Grant/Cost-Share Funding (i.e., WMB Grant) and Project Partners: Partner in-kind services, WMAG Grant funds.

Date of Project Completion:  October 15, 2016

Brief Project Description:

The goal of the project was to form a watershed group that would identify problems in the watershed, identify stakeholders, determining some goals for the partnership. This would be accomplished by educational meetings with stakeholders, mapping of projects, and social media, following the guidelines of the Guidance for Developing Watershed Action Plans.  The project reached 80 stakeholders, problems identified included; flooding, infrastructure needs, natural resource protection, sedimentation, land uses and recreational uses. Stakeholders attended 5 meetings and a boat tour of the watershed from March through October 2016.  Project expenses included coordinator expenses, and social media set up and management. Total cash expenditures were $9270.