We are continuing to move more water out of the system than what is coming in and we’re keeping a close eye on this week’s projected forecast of rain.  We continue to work and hope for the best.  On behalf of the Fox Waterway Agency we thank you for your tireless work to protect people and property.  Your efforts of keeping people safe and away from dangerous areas around our waterway have been instrumental.  Our Agency has been vitally working around the clock to minimize flooding around our entire waterway and we’ve been effective in getting people out of harms way and preserving life as a result.

In the event you see a water hazard or concern that needs to be reported to us, please use the customer concern form on our website to submit this request at the following link: https://foxwaterway.com/index.php/customer-concern/

We are trying to keep phone lines open for emergencies only while directing all concerns to one area. If you have an emergency dial 911, if they need us they’ll call.

We’re compiling this information and addressing these concerns once the water recedes to a safe level.  It is important to keep in mind that creating wakes on our waterway at this time can be detrimental to people’s property and the safety of and around our waterway.  Again, we are only dispatching boats to assist police or fire/rescue at this time.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued support.


Joseph S. Keller, Executive Director
Fox Waterway Agency,
Preserving our great Fox Waterway for all!
45 South Pistakee Lake Road
Fox Lake, IL 60020
FWA Phone: 847-587-8540
FWA Fax: 847-587-9742