Our Lakes began cresting yesterday thru today and slowly our river will too. We estimate a couple inches more of increased height at the lower river. We are removing 25% more than what is coming in, KEEP FIGHTING!!!

We are working on emergency related flood matters at this time.  Our office is unavailable by boat and vehicle due to being surrounded by water.  Our staff is working around the clock on your behalf during this time to minimize the threat of life and property on and around our waterway. Any customer concerns you may have can be submitted on our website or emailed to the staff. We will address them as soon as it is safe to do so.  At this time we will only enter our waterway for a life saving mission.  Our team was already dispatched to save one life on our waterway and we were successful in doing so. If there is an emergency situation call 911, we are working with emergency personnel and they will call us again if needed. We thank you for your patience and continued efforts during this historic flood event.  We also thank you for your brave and sustained work towards your neighbors and community around this great waterway.  It is an honor to work with you!



Joseph S. Keller