One of LCHD-ES staff collected a sample of the algae bloom outside the harbor of Fox Waterway Agency earlier this week. The algae we collected was not a blue-green algae. While other forms of algae (like the one collected) can be aesthetically unpleasing, it is not a health concern as the blue-green algae are the forms that can contain the microcystin toxin. All algae blooms are a result of excess nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) into waters and higher concentrations of nutrients can increase algae growth. Weather – such as heavy precipitation events (that carry nutrients into waters) and warmer weather can also impact algae growths.

Typically blue-green algae will appear later in summer, so keep an eye out for it this season. Blue-green algae typically have a “spilled paint’ or “pea-soup” appearance. If you suspect these blooms, contact the Lake County Health Department and we can collect a sample and test for toxins present.

Alana Bartolai

Water Quality Specialist

Lake County Health Department

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