Reported Grass Lake underwater obstruction…

The Fox Waterway Agency has received concerns regarding an underwater hazard on
Grass Lake. We have investigated every lead sent to us. The various reports were
conflicting in nature nor provided evidence of any hazards. We are confident to report the
main navigational channels are clear. It is important to remain observant while operating
your boat for the safety and well being of your crew and other boaters around you. Please
report hazards to .
If you hit an underwater obstruction/hazard with your boat you must also report the
incident as a boating accident:
1. If the accident results in the loss of life.
2. Injuries to a person greater than first aid.
3. Total property damage (vessel, contents, and other property) is $2,000.00 or
This can be done by calling 911 if deemed an emergency and/or by filing a report with
law enforcement.

See Official Notice.