Dear waterway supporter,

Please see the following PDF from the NWS Weather Forecast Office.  The PDF demonstrates that with just a 15% increase in precipitation within our Fox River Basin that it can have the result of an additional 55% increase in runoff into our lakes and the Fox River.  The PDF is from June of this year and now in October these trends persist, perhaps higher, with record levels of precipitation beginning last year and eclipsed this year by new record levels.

Our watershed consists of nearly 1,000 square miles of land north of the border and over 1,700 square miles of land in Illinois.  With these powerful and record rain events it doesn’t need to rain in Illinois for our system to feel the effect.  We are and will continue to be affected by record run-off into the Chain and our Fox River. In the meantime our system is cresting and the forecast remains positive until Friday.  I hope this helps to understand the science a bit.  Please keep battling and hoping for the best!

For more information on these trends please click the links below.

Thank you and hang in there,


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